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The Descendants of Charles Adsett

by N. E. Adsett

Children Sex Age Born Birth Place Died Death/Burial Site
1 HepzibahF682 Dec 1868Brisbane8 Apr 1937Brisbane
2 Tryphina ElizabethF5218 Nov 1869 Brisbane25 Feb 1922Spring Hill
3Agnes MaudF853 Dec 1870Brisbane25 Sep 1956Kilcoy
4Edith AdelineF635 Feb 1872 Brisbane29 Jun 1935Brisbane
5Andrew JosephM28 Jan 1874 Brisbane30 Apr 1876Brisbane
6EbenezerM761 Sep 1875Brisbane7 Jun 1952Brisbane
7Martha PriscillaF25 Apr 1877 Brisbane29 Jul 1879Brisbane
8Nathaniel SethM3513 Nov 1878 Brisbane17 Feb 1914Brisbane
9Benjamin John Joseph M7830 May 1880Brisbane16 Jul 1958Brisbane
10Charles Wesley ChappelM026 May 1885 Brisbane28 Jun 1885 Brisbane

Charles was born at East Horsley in Surrey on 1st March 1843. At the time of the English Census in 1851, he was a scholar aged eight years living with his father John, an agricultural labourer. Charles' older sisters, Matilda and Emma, who were also scholars, were residing at the same household at East Horsley where they too were born. One wonders about the whereabouts of their mother, Ann, at that time. It is likely she was in the company of at least one of her daughters.

It is not difficult to understand the reason why father John made the decision to join his sons and daughters-in-law in Australia as soon as possible. News of the safe arrival at Moreton Bay of John, Louisa, Moses and Aaron early in 1851 would have reached them. Later mail would have told them of their employment and prospects of settlement on land in the new colony. Such conditions would have contrasted sharply with the hard times being experienced then in rural England. Perhaps the young sons in the colony were able to offer financial assistance to their father and the youngest remaining members of his family to enable them to migrate. Ties of kinship would have been a further influence. Despite these circumstances, it was for John no simple undertaking to leave his homeland with his three remaining children. He was was already 64 years old while Matilda was 17, Emma 15, and Charles 12. Their voyage from Liverpool on the Donald McKay and their arrival in Melbourne in 1855 are mentioned in Chapter 1. The ship was described in the Melbourne press as "a combination of beauty and strength."1

.... the run made by the Donald McKay is respectable enough, particularly when we remember the particular season of the year, and the doubtful as well as light winds which the vessel would have to encounter. The fact that the run having been made from the Cape by this Royal Mail Ship in twenty days, and that the winds were not very strong, proves that she can sail; and we hope Captain Warner will be enabled to reach home in as short a space of time as that occupied by any of the many celebrated clippers that have run between these colonies and the mother country. There is nothing of moment to note as having occurred during the run of the ship to this port, but that the purpose in Geelong would have the satisfaction of receiving a large mail by her, which was delivered at Queenscliffe on Sunday morning. 2

There is no record of the means by which John and his children reached Brisbane It is most likely, however, that they travelled by sea to Sydney, thence to Brisbane. The names of fifteen vessels are listed in The Argus3 for projected departure from Melbourne to Sydney in the few days following the arrival of the Donald McKay which gave basis for believing there was ample opportunity. In Chapter I of this book, several other ships are suggested as possible means of their transport from Sydney.

Charles and his father probably lived at Milton. Charles was living there in 1867 when at the age of 24 he married Susan Ann Chapple aged 27. Susan Ann Chapple was the eldest surviving daughter of Andrew Gilbert Chapple and Mary Wedlake of Illogan, Cornwall. Andrew Chapple was a copper miner. Their eldest daughter had died at Illogan at the age of five before the family's departure on the ship Chatsworth on 5 April 1860. The list of her passengers arriving in Brisbane on 17 September 1863 does not include Mrs Mary Chapple (previously Wedlake). No more is known of her. Jane Chapple is shown as Andrew's wife but this person is more likely to have been Andrew's sister, Jane. The children were Susan Ann then 21, John 19, Mary 16, Ellen 15, Joseph 8, and Emily 4. The boy Joseph died of dysentry at Fortitude Valley only 19 months later. Among those present at the marriage on 7 November 1867 in North Brisbane was Charles' brother-in-law, James Young, who had married Charles' elder sister, Emma. The officating Primitive Methodist Minister was the Reverend Joseph Buckle who was to preside at the consecration of ground donated by Moses Adsett at the Enoggera Waterworks five years later. That event is described in Chapter IV.

Unlike his older brothers, Charles owned no land. Ten children were born to Charles and Susan Ann, three died in infancy. They were Andrew Joseph, Martha Priscilla, and Charles Wesley Chapple. The family resided at various places, and Charles earned a humble living through different occupations. When Susan Ann's father died in 1878, the household was at Oxley West. Post Office directories of the time show Charles Adsett as a carrier in Dickens Street, Spring Hill in 1874, a carpenter in Leichhardt Street in 1884 and 1885, a paper bag maker in 8 Rogers Street in 1887 and 1888. When their first daughter, Anne Wedlake was married in 1889, the family resided at Downing Street, Spring Hill. In April 1902, when another daughter, Agnes Maud was married, the home of Mr and Mrs Charles Adsett was Waverley in Cochrane Street, Paddington.

Charles Adsett died at the Paddington home on 10 June 1903 at the age of sixty years. Poor health for many years and a combination of asthma, influenza and cerebral meningitis caused his early death. It is interesting to note that Rev. Thomas Thatcher, the Primitive Methodist Minister who had officiated at the funeral of Charles' brother Moses thirty years earlier, also conducted the funeral of Charles Adsett. He is buried at Toowong Cemetery.

Four members of the household had married prior to Charles' death. Annie Wedlake, named after her mother's mother, married Henry Strutt, a Londoner, on 25 September 1889. At first they lived at Dover Street, Red Hill but they later moved to View Street, Paddington, quite close to the Adsett's of Cochrane Street. Hepzibah married Albert Rostrum Hurst in January 1893. Their home was at Longland Street. East Brisbane. Ebenezer was 25 years old when he married Mary Ann Petfield (Polly) at the Primitive Methodist Church, Latrobe Terrace, Paddington on 26 December 1900. They spent their married life at 41 Isedale Street, formerly Kearon Sreet, Woolowin. Agnes Maud was teaching at Esk where she met Wallace Edgar Broad. Their marriage at Paddington Primitive Methodist Church took place on 2 April 1902. Susan Ann Adsett remained at Cochrane Street for some years after her husband's death. Her daughter, Edith and sons Nathaniel and Benjamin were there. The Paddington Primitive Methodist Church was again the venue for a wedding in 1906. This time it was for Nathaniel to Miss Edith Haer.

Mrs Susan Ann Adsett, accompanied by Edith and Benjamin, moved to spend the remaining years of her life at Norman Street, East Brisbane. She died there on 3rd December 1913, aged 73 years. Her grave is at Toowong Cemetery beside her husband's.

Despite their humble living conditions, the family of Charles and Susan were encouraged towards education. Spending most of their childhood in Spring Hill, they attended the Normal School at Ann and Edward Streets, Brisbane. Tryphena and Maud entered the teaching profession through the pupil-teacher system. The younger sons, Nathaniel and Benjamin, were awarded scholarships and undertook secondary education at Brisbane Grammar School. Twenty such scholarships were awarded annually to pupils completing primary education at the Normal School.

Throughout her long life, Annie Strutt took a keen interest in family activities and loved to talk about them. After her husband's death she moved to Camp Hill to live with her daughter, Louie. To Henry and Annie Strutt, eight children were born.

The eldest was Annie who married her cousin, Norman Rackley, a tramway man. Their home was at Coorparoo.

Esther, the second daughter of Henry and Annie Strutt, married John Lawrie, and their home was at Paddington.

Sons Harry and Charlie married sisters Miriam and Edith Pfitzner. Harry and Miriam reared a large family at their home in Wooloowin. No children were born to Charlie and Edie.

The fifth child of Harry and Annie Strutt was Louisa. Her first husband was Jack Murray who died in 1935. Her second husband was Jim Brown.

The next son of Harry and Louie Strutt was Albert who married Queenie Eames. The family was brought up at Kelvin Grove.

Gladys married Frank Pittman in 1943.

The youngest son of Harry and Annie Strutt was Alexander who worked daily in Brisbane City Hall. His mother had lunch with him each Monday. Alick married Edna Menzie and they lived with their family at Rainworth. top of page

Hepzibah, second daughter of Charles and Susan Ann Adsett, was born at Spring Hill on 2 December 1868. Befor her marriage she helped in her parents' household by making and delivering paper bags to storekeepers in the inner city of Brisbane. Her husband Albert Hurst worked for J.C. Hutton Pty Ltd. Their family consisted of four sons.

The eldest was Leslie who married Ruby Quaill. They lived at Victoria Point and Leslie engaged in retailing at Wooloongabba.

Percival, a commercial traveller, married Madge Skov. They lived for a while in Toowoomba.

Leonard and Flo Hurst conducted a corner store in Bennetts Road, Norman Park.

Eric, a window dresser of Overells of The Valley married Elma Barlow. top of page

Tryphena Elizabeth Adsett, next daughter of Charles and Susan Ann Adsett, was born on 18 November 1869. After attending the normal school she became a pupil-teacher in the Brisbane Central Schools from March 1886 to December 1888. From 1889, she worked as a teacher at Brisbane Central Girls' School then Milton State School till her resignation in 1891. In 1892 a child was born and died after seven weeks. Her later teaching appointments included Murgon State School, School for the Blind, Deaf and Dumb and Leichhardt Street State School where she died at the age of 52 years. top of page

The next daughter of Charles and Susan Ann Adsett was Agnes Maud who was born on 3 December 1870. She also attended the Normal School and became a pupil-teacher in the Kelvin Grove Schools from 4 July 1887 to 31 December 1889. As a classified teacher she was appointed to Kelvin Grove Road (Boys) School in 1890, transferred to Esk from 1897 to 1900, and returned to Kelvin Grove Road (Girls and Infants) from 1901 till she resigned to be married in 1902. She married Wallace Edgar Broad, a blacksmith, on 2 April 1902. They lived at Esk where they had four children.

Edith, the eldest, married William Briggs Clarke, an engineer. The Clarke family lived at Kilcoy.

Edgar, a bank officer, married Mildred Page. They served remote Queensland country towns including Toowoomba, Ingham, and Dalby.

Nancy, a teacher did not marry.

Aubrey married Edna Kennealy. top of page

Edith Adelaine was the next daughter of Charles and Susan Ann Adsett, born on 5 February 1872. While Edith was a pupil at the Normal School, her father developed heavy asthma and it became necessary for Edith to assist in home duties. She made paper bags and delivered them to city stores. In later years she undertook home nursing. She did not marry. She lived with her parents at Spring Hill and Paddington and later with her mother at East Brisbane. After her mother's death in 1913, Edith lived for a number of years with her brother, Ebenezer and his wife and family, at Wooloowin. Later with her sister, Tryphena, she set up home at Rose Street, Gordon Park. She became a chronic asthmatic and died at the age of 63. top of page

The eldest surviving son of Charles and Susan Ann was Ebenezer, born on 1 September 1875. He spent his youth in Spring Hill and Paddington, attending the Normal School opposite Central Railway Station. He commenced his working life at Finney Isles and Company in the woollen and men's mercery departments. After further experience at Pike Brothers and Chapman and Company, he established his own tailoring business, E. Adsett and Company, in The Valley, where he remained for twenty years till 1931. Ebenezer married Mary Ann (Polly) Petfield on 26 December 1900 at Paddington. They spent most of their married life at 41 Isedale Street, formerly Kearon Street, Wooloowin. Here Eb participated in community affairs through Wooloowin Progress Association and Wooloowin State School Committee for which he was its first Treasurer.

A Deacon and Lay Preacher at the Eagle Junction Congregational Church, Eb also served as its Sunday School Superintendent for a period of twenty years. He was Secretary of the Young People's Department of the Queensland Congregational Union. In the establishment of the Marsden Home for Boys, the Congragational Church and Sunday School at Kallangur, he gave considerable advice and assistance. Polly was also an active church worker. They had four children.

Cecil, the eldest, did not marry and died of ill health at the age of 27 years.

Their second son, Edward, of the AMP Society, married Flo Woodward. Ed's work appointments were in Toowoomba, Townsville and South Brisbane. In Toowoomba their two children, Noel and Anne were born and educated. Edward achieved high office in freemasonry and was active in the work of the Toowoomba Congregational Church. Flo worked tirelessly in the war years at a servicemen's canteen in Toowoomba. Both enjoyed playing bowls, especially during their retirement in Redcliffe. Flo died in 1990 and Ed in 1993.

Noel attended the Teachers' College at Kelvin Grove in 1954 and enlisted for National Service in 1955. He married Margaret Eisemann of Rockhampton in 1958. Margaret later studied to become a teacher. In his career in the Queensland Education Department commencing in 1955, Noel served as a teacher, school principal, Inspector of Schools then Regional Director of Education in Roma from 1982 to 1984. He was awarded a Commonwealth Relations Trust Fellowship to the University of London in 1984-85. He and Margaret enjoyed living in London and travelling in Europe and throughout England during this period. On his return from England, Noel served again in Roma for a time, then Toowoomba and North Brisbane where he retired in 1991. He then occupied a managerial post at the Chermside Garden Settlement for aged people till 1996. Margaret and Noel had four sons - Geoffrey, Stephen, David and Timothy. Geoffrey works in the area of information technology in Melbourne. He married Anne Donaghy and they have two daughters, Mia and Tess. Stephen married Judy Cox. They live and work in Bowen where they own a carrying business and their three children are Thomas, Susan and Harriet. David, a Barrister-at-law now living in Perth, married Sheila George and they have two daughters, Jessica and Rebecca. Timothy, a School Principal now living in Barcaldine, married Michelle Crawford. They have three sons, Patrick, William and James.

The other child of Ed and Flo Adsett is Anne who married Ken McKay in 1961. They have lived in their Holland Park home in Brisbane ever since. They have worked tirelessly in community projects including their children's schools, Rotary, Crossroads, netball associations and many church interests. Anne was awarded a Governor-General's Australian Sports Medal to commemorate Australia's sporting achievements in the year 2000.Their three children are Scott, Bronwyn and Alison. Scott, National Australia Bank's Business Banking Manager at Acacia Ridge Banking Centre, married Loraine Fyfe, a teacher. They live in Brisbane and their children are Kate and Andrew. Bronwyn, a registered nurse, is married to Lachlan Foord, a pharmacist. They live in Brisbane with their three children, Sally, Matthew and Thomas. Their other daughter is Alison who lives in Cairns with her husband, David Scott, a teacher, and two sons, Nathanael and Reuben.

The third son is Norman Arthur who gained senior office in the Department of Education. He married Isabel Black and after her death in 1970, Beryl Williams. Beryl lives in retirement at Buderim following Norman's death in Buderim in 1997.

The youngest child of Ebenezer and Polly Adsett was Estelle who married Reverend Joseph Evans, a Congregational then Uniting Church Minister. Their church appointments took them to Toowoomba, Rockhampton, Fairymeadow, Maitland, Southport, and Wesley Central Mission. They lived in retirement at Margate. Estelle died in 1994 at Margate and Joe died at Chermside in 1997. top of page

Nathaniel Seth Adsett, the second son of Charles and Susan Ann Adsett, was born in 1878 in Brisbane. In 1906, he married Edith Haer at Paddington. His schooling was at the Normal School and Brisbane Grammar School. He was active in many community activities including temperance work, Freemasonry, and church positions of local preacher, Sunday School Superintendent and choir master.

Mr N.S. Adsett was employed by Pike Brothers Limited as a Customs Clerk. At the age of only 35 years he was tragically killed by a runaway horse in 1914. Nat and Edith had four daughters, one of whom had died as a baby.

Mavis did not marry and is still living in Brisbane.

Dorothy, who married Clyde Barker in 1935, died in 1948.

The youngest daughter, Thelma, married William Hughey Campbell Thomas. top of page

The youngest son of Charles and Susan Ann Adsett was Benjamin John Joseph, born on 30 May 1880 when his parents resided at Spring Hill. After primary education at the Normal School, he won a scholarship in 1894 to enable him to attend the Brisbane Grammar School. He commenced employment with Queensland Trustees Limited in 1896. He studied for admission as a conveyancer of the Supreme Court. On his retirement in 1946, he had completed fifty years of service with Q.T.L.

Ben married Mary Ann Campbell in 1924 and they lived throughout their married life at 386 Annerley Road, Annerley. He was a member of the Militia (artillery), played cricket and became an A Grade umpire in QCA Competition. From 1926 he was involved in the sport of bowls. At Annerley Bowling Club, he was its foundation secretary, then president and at the time of his death, patron. He was a RQBA councillor for many years. He also made significant contributions through active membership of temperance and masonic lodges. He was a trustee of Brisbane Grammar School and member of the Old Boys' Association.

Ben and Mary Adsett had two sons. Benjamin Neil was the first Medical graduate of Queensland being at the beginning of the alphabet in that inaugural year,1940. He served as MO in New Guinea before marrying Joyce Marion White in 1942. His solo practice at Eton Street, Nundah comprised a house with surgery at the front and living area at the back. Children came and in 1956 the family moved residence to Bilsen Road Wavell Heights. All four children attended Nundah State School. During the 60's Ben became a Foundation Member of the College of General Practitioners and in 1964 was awarded a Nuffield Fellowship to study Post-graduate General Practice Medicine overseas. Joyce accompanied him for the six-month trip to the USA, Canada and the UK. He subsequently undertook a tour of Queensland visiting doctors to assess their needs in terms of Post-graduate education. Eventually the Nundah practice was sold and Ben divided his time between working at the Royal (as it became) College of GP's and doing sessions at the Mary Street Psychiatric Clinic, a group practice at Sandgate and the Freemasons Home, Sandgate. In 1971 he was elected State President of the Australian Medical Association. He died suddenly from a heart condition in 1975.

Of the children, Geoffrey Maxwell (b.1944) attended Brisbane Grammar School before studying Science then switching to Medicine at the University of Queensland. He spent some years in Cairns where he met wife Susan (nee Gregg). After a year in Brisbane when Geoff worked at Princess Alexandra Hospital, they moved to the Gold Coast. Geoff was part of a group Medical practice at Broadbeach and then Mermaid Beach. He currently specialises in Primary-care Cardio-vascular Medicine. He and Sue live at Broadbeach Waters and have children Tiffany(and her son Jordan), Julian, Alicia and Ben.

Christine Joyce (b.1947) went to Clayfield College and then completed her Nursing Training at Princess Alexandra Hospital. She married John Youngman with whom she lives at Mt.Tamborine, Queensland. They are actively involved in their extensive garden which is occasionally open to the public. Christine has worked in the primary production of avocadoes and flowers. Their children are Andrew, Katy and Ian.

Donald Benjamin (b. 1949) graduated as a Paediatrician after studying at Brisbane Grammar School, the University of Queensland, the University of Aberdeen (Scotland), Canada and the Royal Children's Hospital Brisbane. Don married Philippa Witney. Their first married years were spent overseas in Scotland and Canada, as well as Derby in Western Australia and then Brisbane. In 1983 they settled permanently in Toowoomba and established a Paediatric practice, 'Etonstrete'. Gillian, Fiona, Nicholas and Mark are their children.

Helen Elizabeth (b.1953) attended Clayfield College and Kedron Park Teachers College, graduating as a Primary teacher with postings at Stafford Heights (Brisbane), Beerwah and Petrie Terrace(Bris) before being seconded as a Field Officer for the Special Program Schools Scheme. She married David Hassall with whom she lives at Toowong with children Christopher and Leah. Helen does casual relief teaching in the local area.

The other son of Ben and Mary Adsett was Alan who was educated at Junction Park State School and Brisbane Grammar School. He joined the staff of the National Bank of Australasia (later to become National Australia Bank) in 1940. He was appointed to various city, suburban and country branches, including managerial appointments at Peranga, Burleigh Heads, Innisfail, Maryborough, Toowong and Redcliffe. He retired from the position of Regional Lending Manager, State Administration in 1984. Alan married Mary Niethe in 1952. Their three children are Gwenda, Neil and Bradley. Gwenda joined the staff of the National Bank in Innisfail, married Lex Boothby in Innisfail and has remained there with their three children Alison, Philip and Robert. Neil is a locomotive driver in Queensland Rail, based in Maryborough. There he married Lyndell Kerr and raised their two children, Kristy and Benjamin Neil. Alan and Mary's youngest child is Brad who completed a Bachelor of Pharmacy at the University of Queensland and also holds a Diploma of Education. He married Cynthia Isaak, also a pharmacist. They live at Morayfield with their three children, Caitlyn, Nicholas and Jennifer.

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